ISG paves the way in digitalising construction in Hong Kong

11 December 2018

 181121_ISG App_top image

ISG has further demonstrated its commitment to revolutionise traditional construction models by deploying its new construction cloud-based app for its projects in Hong Kong. 

The ground-breaking technology offers a full suite of cloud-based process management system where users can create, store, access and update real-time project information across any mobile device, tablets and computers. Also available for external project stakeholders, the app provides an all-in-one digital platform to track the latest project information including programme, drawings, snags, costing, reports and progress updates against plan.


The field technology enables ISG to further strengthen its site management capability and coordination across the site delivery team, suppliers, customers and project consultants. The app was first trialled for ISG’s 27,000 sq ft project for a global financial institution, located in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.  The app proved to be effective and powerful in improving communications quality and productivity as well as saving operational costs and time spent on administration and project inefficiencies.


Managing director of ISG in Hong Kong, Tim Threlkeld commented, “This progressive technology has been a game changer for our project teams and will certainly see ISG lead the way in digital construction technology, significantly differentiating our offer in the Hong Kong market. We believe our future projects can be delivered more intelligently and efficiently with the utilisation of new technology.” 

Tim said, “The feedback of the first few trials was positive and we have confidence in leading the way to continue to transform the local construction industry with all project processes and information going digital.”