ISG's BIM scheme for a biological research facility

12 December 2018

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ISG is well underway in delivering a major laboratory project that adopts a comprehensive Building Information Modelling (BIM) scheme, the virtual construction technology that provides complete data and digital representation of a building’s physical and functional characteristics - prior to its build programme.

ISG was engaged to construct a new biological research facility for a reputable university in Hong Kong, which involves a significant volume of mechanical and electrical (M&E) and structural works to enable the operational standards of the laboratory and to achieve international standard accreditation.

To ensure the best possible design and construction outcomes throughout the entire project lifecycle, the build programme was fully designed in BIM, collating all the data digitally across all construction disciplines from the outset of the project.

Project director, Cliff Li said, “With the aid of BIM from the initial stages, our team has full visibility of the building design, providing us with intelligent data to drive better build solutions for our customers and run the project more efficiently.”

The project involves the new construction of infrastructure and interiors works for the laboratories, procedure rooms, quarantine facilities and technically demanding structural works for the construction of a link bridge to connect two building zones. ISG is on track in completing phase one of the project and has completed a mock-up design of the laboratory to set the benchmark and quality of the construction as the project progresses.

Cliff explains, “The data collected by BIM processes helps us to monitor the quality of build, and determine project obstacles, inaccuracies and potential construction errors across every design interface of the job. The benefits have been significant to the delivery team and the journey has been fascinating. It brings transformational change to the design and construction outcome, ensuring rigorous standards are maintained at every stage of the development.”

ISG is currently utilising BIM for other active projects, including a global financial institution situated in Central, Hong Kong.