Leading with health and safety in Hong Kong’s construction industry

21 September 2018

HK Safety workshop_top image

ISG is committed to drive the highest standards of health and safety in Hong Kong’s construction industry, says ISG’s operations director in Hong Kong, Mark Osborne during his opening speech at the ISG safety charter workshop, held recently at Pico Tower, Wan Chai.

“Safety is everyone’s responsibility and nothing is more important than the safety of our work environments. Our best practice and approach to health and safety are in place to ensure the best, leading standards for but also our customers, public and subcontractors.”

ISG in Hong Kong held an “ISG Hong Kong 2018 safety charter workshop” at Pico Tower in Wan Chai. The agenda of the workshop is to promote the best health and safety practice within the company, Over 70 employees joined the purposeful workshop that included key addresses in regard to the team’s commitment to acting responsibly and safely, ISG’s safety performance review for 2017, and a personal protective equipment (PPE) outfitting game.

Project director, Cliff Li announced ISG’s recent achievements of having the Yan Toh Heen restaurant project winning a gold award in “the best refurbishment & maintenance contractor in OS&H competition” organised by occupational safety and health council.

Updates and reminders for safety on site have also been addressed by the other project directors. The sharing was truly informative that covered the prohibition of the use of ‘A-shaped’ ladder and replacement by metal scaffolding for above-ground work, the plan to organise workshops for subcontractors to introduce the latest safety requirements, and some tips for good housekeeping of construction environments.

ISG’s HSQE manager, Tony Kwok addressed ISG’s target is always to have zero accident in any occasion, “ISG strives to maintain absolutely safe working environments at all time and is committed to being the leading company in the construction industry in the area of occupational health and safety.”

To recognise the well-performed employees who followed ISG’s safety requirements stringently, awards for “ISG Supervisor - Best Safety Performance” have been presented to five employees. ISG wishes everyone in the business can be encouraged to always work safely.

The workshop was concluded with an interesting PPE outfitting game, competing by wearing the entire PPE outfit correctly in the shortest time. The demonstration and game certainly helped ISG people to understand what a qualified PPE outfit should be equipped with.

ISG sincerely hopes safety awareness of its people could be enhanced through activities like this workshop, avoiding any accidents in any ISG construction sites.