Deploying a Derrick crane for a construction project in Hong Kong

 29 August 2018

Website top image_Alexandra House

Dominating the city skyline, the sight of a Derrick crane marks a significant milestone for ISG’s project in Central Hong Kong - a highly technical scheme situated at a 37-storey grade A commercial building, Alexandra House. With a 15-metre boom, the major lifting crane device was deployed to transport extra-large and heavyweight materials for the construction of a new rooftop plant room, from the ground to the highest point of the building.

Operations director, Mark Osborne commented, “Derrick cranes perform huge feats – this model carries a maximum load of four tons safely. It will transport all construction materials required to the top so that we can have better control of the programme. Apart from project efficiency, we also benefit time-savings – we can transport large-sized materials without the need to reassemble after off-loading."

The alteration and addition (A&A) project involves extensive structural and engineering works to provide for five lift shaft extensions and a new plant room on the rooftop, all within the confines of an operational and tenanted commercial building. The construction programme also includes the demolition and refurbishment works on level 34 of the office building, to convert a mechanical floor into an office space.

For the project team to reach to this point, project director, Terence Chu shared the challenges involved, “It took two full days and two nights for the crane to go up, and it was not an easy business. Installations in this altitude are very challenging, especially during the rainy season. With a noise permit in order, we can only operate the Derrick after midnight. This warrants extremely precise planning on night works, logistics and delivery. For public’s safety, we also fence off the grounds during its operation and alert the public transportation services and the police force.”

Structural works for the plant room on the rooftop have ramped up, and ISG is on track to deliver the challenging programme. The scheme is estimated to complete in December 2019.